About the Artist

Hi guys! My name is Alyssa and I am the founder and one woman show behind Art by AlyssaJoy. During the day I work as a full time recruiter for a chain of convenience stores. At home, I am the proud mother of fur, feather and scale children. My fiancé and I are those crazy animal people LOL. Atlas my dane is my world and my best friend, Ebony our pittie is the lovable potato. We have three cats; Neptune and Nebula who are rescues from our local shelter and Bagheera our Maine Coon. I also have a beard Liz Man, an African Grey Aquila and last but not least my fish!

I am a self taught artist just making my way through the world one art piece at a time. I strive to produce the best works and send a little love home with every package I send out. 

How it all started

Growing up, I always had a passion for art and anything crafty. Through High School I practiced different mediums from painting to graphite drawings and even ceramics. In college I focused on my business degree and art became something that fell to the sidelines. I realized that in those years I was missing something that was always such a large part of my life. Family and friends had always supported me and pushed me to share my art with more of the world. Towards the end of 2019 I had gifted some graphite drawings to some friends and I began building the confidence to open my own small business. 

Art by AlyssaJoy was created January 12, 2020. My first sale was a dual graphite portrait and I never thought in my whole life someone would commission me to bring their pets to life on paper. I continued with drawings but always had a desire for sculpting. I took the plunge into sculpting custom pieces of pets and I have not turned back. The ability to work with my hands to produce keepsakes for other pet parents is the most satisfying feeling.