Meet the Team

Meet Lily and her family! Remus, Sirius and Fleur are just some of her babies and not to mention Aidric, her wonderful human addition we all adore! If you’re looking for a wholesome account, here it is. Lily also has her own photography business Idyllicexpressions! 
Kathryn and Jasper are from Toronto and always have the best snowy adventures. Plus Jasper is just 110% cuteness! If you need a dose of fluff in your life, this is the boy!
Meet Sabrina and Blueberry! This wonderful pittie mom and her little seal help to support me all the way from CA. 

Chelsea and her handsome boys Bishop and Levy are also from CA! From raw feeding to adventuring, this family does it all! Not to mention Chelsea also co-owns her own business BeastyBites! 

Meet Tori, Winston and Lucy! This wonderful trio from NC carries all the cuteness! It’s always fun to follow their adventures and see where life takes them! 
Meet Miranda and her squad! Zeke, Cooper, Athena, Carver and Zara. Not only does she have a stunning pack, but she also fosters too! Definitely a role model when it comes to giving your all for furry friends
Meet Kohleen and Cariña. This duo is always making impressions! Not to mention sharing her beloved heart dog Haley and the life she brought into this world. If you ever need a pick me up or your daily dose of dog activity, this is where it’s at! Kohleen has her own doggy daycare and gives only the best for her furry friends!  
Meet Kari and Lady! Lady is the most fashionable pup there is! Not to mention her mom is equally as fashionable when she matches up her leggings! Whether it’s accessories, bandanas or collars, these two know the ins and outs of fashion!
Meet Rae and her cuties Ren, Lilo, Mina and Dougie! Talk about accessorizing! From thug life to painted nails, these guys know how to style! Rae and her fam are always showing their love and support for the things they hold dear to their heart. 
Meet Sam and her beauties Lincoln and Denali! Linc knows how to bring the derp and Nali is always the prime stunner with her beautiful tail and boopable nose. Their style is top notch, not to mention Sam has amazing organizational skills! She also runs The Snuffle Club and loves to bake, Yum! 
Meet Olivia and Max! Local to the CLE, this duo is always showing support for local businesses and spreading love. Max is the chunkiest of boys which makes him so squishable! Olivia also does photography so if you’re near the CLE and are in need, check out OzPhotography!